AngularJS development works as an open source framework maintained by Google. The whole motive of using AngularJS is to integrate dynamics views in the applications. Basic HTML codes were not sufficient which made the IT companies adapt to this framework.

Our developers handle the framework progressively and the results are seen in an expressive, reliable and efficient application.

The development team is well aware of modular-view-controller (MVC) capability. The apps receiving and sending end are tailored to be displayed in a different manner.

AngularJS makes it easy on developers shoulders by simplifying the development process. Limras Eronet AngularJS solutions are tailored to focus on two-way data binding which leads to the creation of real-time applications.

Our AngularJS development services for the app development are as follows:

  • AngularJS development
  • Real-time app development
  • Chatbot app development
  • Test-driven development
  • Data analysis tools
  • Backend & dashboard development
  • Streaming app development
  • Social media & interactive apps
  • Interactive & engaging dashboards
  • Learning platforms
  • Express JS app development

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